Universal Rolling Steels w.l.l

Unirol prides itself being the first manufacturer of steel reinforcement bars in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and thus it takes a significant responsibility for a sustainable growth and continuous development for the company as well as the contribution to the local economy.

Since our customers satisfaction is our priority, we maintain high standards to ensure that our products meet and even exceed the standard quality requirements.

With our lab equipped with the latest Equipments of steel testing, a series of quality check procedures are been followed starting from the procurement of the raw materials until the final product being produced and tested against various physical and chemical parameters.

Our Mission

To supply high quality steel rebars serving the best of interest of our clients and the construction sector in Bahrain playing an integral part of the local economy throughout the supply of “Made in Bahrain” products.

Our Vision

To become Bahrain’s leading steel bars manufacturer by providing premium products and services and being an active, supportive and influential part of the local economy.